Profit Share Programs

What Are Tenant Build-Profit Share Programs?

PWS circle logoTenant-billed profit-sharing is a type of retail waste management program that involves tenants and PWS working together to reduce waste and increase profits for the management company/owners. Under this program, tenants are responsible for sorting their materials in-house and paying PWS directly, removing property management from the day-to-day process. The profits generated from the program are then shared with management/ownership in the form of reductions to your monthly bill.

Tenant-billed profit-sharing waste programs are beneficial for both management/owners as well as tenants. For management/ownership, the program reduces time associated with billing and collections, as PWS is responsible for billing the tenants and collecting from them. Additionally, it increases tenant engagement and encourages them to be more mindful of their waste.

For the tenant, the program provides an opportunity to reduce their waste costs. By sorting and recycling their waste, the tenant can help reduce their overall waste costs and save on their bill each month. Additionally, it encourages tenants to be more mindful of their waste and reduces their environmental impact.

Overall, tenant billed profit-sharing waste programs are a beneficial way for PWS, Property Management and tenants to work together to reduce the waste stream and increase financial gains.

Programs Offered By PWS

Our programs are designed for our clients and are the perfect solution for properties that are looking to streamline their trash removal needs and save money while minimizing their property's environmental footprint.

Our team is ready to set you up with one of our industrial or retail waste programs to overhaul your trash disposal necessities.

Note: If you have special requirements, don’t hesitate to contact us. PWS is equipped to handle virtually any commercial waste and environmental need. Many of our services are site-specific and tailored to our clients’ unique demands.

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