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Precision Waste Solutions (PWS) isn’t just a waste management company, we’re a nationwide single-source waste management company. Our mission is to provide businesses in the commercial, industrial, and manufacturing markets with customized, streamlined all-in-one waste-removal services.

True to our name, at PWS, we put a strong emphasis on “precision.”

Unfortunately, traditional waste management products are anything but precise. They tend to complicate things with unnecessary additional services and expensive add-ons while failing to address potential untapped revenue streams.

In fact, most companies employ several different service providers when it comes to their waste solutions, with each handling just one individual aspect of the overall process. This complexity results in frequently overlapped billing, scheduling issues, and other problems that negatively affect your bottom line.

Because each business is different and faces different challenges, we offer no-cost on-site waste audits with your company’s staff or management team. During this comprehensive audit, we evaluate every aspect of your waste-removal system, from current services and equipment to billing accuracy, rebate availability, and competitive local pricing for all of the above.

Once we have a full picture of your waste needs and sustainability goals, we put together customized industrial or retail waste programs that increase efficiency and cut costs across the board.

With our experience in the industry, we’re able to negotiate the most cost-effective services on your behalf. Our team handles all daily tasks involved in your business’ waste removal. We manage all waste removal scheduling, transportation, and disposal services from start to finish, consolidating everything into a single invoice. And if you have specific or nonstandard requirements unique to your business, we’ll make sure those are covered, too.

  • Established in May 2010
  • Over 60 years of combined in-house experience
  • Operates Nationwide (including Hawaii)
  • Effective programs for commercial or industrial properties
  • Preferred vendor for property management companies.
  • Programs Offered By PWS

    Our programs are designed for our clients and are the perfect solution for properties that are looking to streamline their trash removal needs and save money while minimizing their property's environmental footprint.

    Our team is ready to set you up with one of our industrial or retail waste programs to overhaul your trash disposal necessities.

    Note: If you have special requirements, don’t hesitate to contact us. PWS is equipped to handle virtually any commercial waste and environmental need. Many of our services are site-specific and tailored to our clients’ unique demands.

    Natural Resources Saved By Our Recycling Efforts


    Gallons of Oil

    Gallons of H2O

    Kilowatts of Energy

    Landfill Space (yd3)

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