What Are Cost Plus Waste Disposal Programs?

PWS circle logoCost-plus trash disposal programs are used by Precision Waste Solutions to combine all waste and recycling streams into one convenient program with a single bill each month. Customers pay for waste disposal plus additional fees for additional services provided by the company, such as sorting, recycling, and hazardous waste removal. This additional fee is known as the ‘cost plus’ fee, and it helps to offset the costs associated with the additional services PWS provides.

Cost-plus trash programs are designed to be flexible and customizable. In addition to general waste and recycling, hazardous waste removal, and special pickups, customers can add specialized services to their program and pay a cost-plus fee for those services. This allows customers to easily adjust their trash removal services and fees according to their specific needs at the time.

Our cost-plus programs are beneficial for customers as they provide an easy way to manage the costs associated with their trash removal services. Our trash removal system allows our clients to budget accurately and prevents unnecessary charges from being incurred. Additionally, we offer our clients the option to adjust their services and fees each month based on their changing needs.

Programs Offered By PWS

Our programs are designed for our clients and are the perfect solution for properties that are looking to streamline their trash removal needs and save money while minimizing their property's environmental footprint.

Our team is ready to set you up with one of our industrial or retail waste programs to overhaul your trash disposal necessities.

Note: If you have special requirements, don’t hesitate to contact us. PWS is equipped to handle virtually any commercial waste and environmental need. Many of our services are site-specific and tailored to our clients’ unique demands.

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